Chin (Genioplasty)

Our societies around the world view a well contoured chin as a very attractive feature. The chin’s prominence and contour is easily recognized by all of us and therefore one goal is to ensure the chin is properly proportioned.

The chin is the front part of the lower jaw. Generally, the chin grows similarly to the rest of the lower jaw but it can develop a different contour than other parts of the jawline. However, if the lower jaw is underdeveloped (overbite); then the chin is often small as well. The chin is very important to the support of the lower lip and equally important to the look of the ‘under chin’ area. If the chin is small, then a look of a ‘double chin’ is common and the lower lip ‘protrudes outwards’ leaving less ideal appearance.

The chin has to be viewed not only in profile but also 3 dimensionally since a ‘short’ chin or a ‘pointed’ chin can look less desirable. See genioplasty as well.

Chins and Jaw surgery

With ‘jaw surgery’ for orthodontic correction of a person’s bite; it is commonly assumed by patients, for example, that advancing the lower jaw will result in a proper chin/profile projection. In many cases, this is not the situation, since the chin must also be advanced separately to achieve a good profile. It is most common to perform a chin surgery at the same surgery as the jaw surgery.

The surgery is performed from inside the mouth, avoiding any external scars. The actual bony chin is moved without the use of artificial implants. Very occasionally, the use of implants is considered. Chin implants are unable to change the vertical dimension and other aspects of the chin area; and are therefore less than ideal for many reasons. Moving the ‘actual chin bone’ will also extend the muscles under the chin itself and ‘flatten’ this area for a nice cosmetic benefit. The chin is actually the main support for the lower lip, such that the lip will improve in its postion as well and have a better position and contour. It also allows better ability of the lips to touch naturally, which encourages natural nasal breathing rather than mouth breathing.

Chins and jaw angle contours

Chin surgeries are often combined with ramal augmentation to achieve ideal jawline appearances.The ‘jaw’ extends from the ‘angle’ of the jaw to the chin point and the smooth contour and definition of the jawline is what comprises a beautiful balance; and separates the facial area from the neck. The ‘double chin’ resolves well with this enhancement. See jawline augmentation for more information.

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